Starship - help


In this game you are responsible for the actions of a spaceship stranded in space. You are to fight each enemy you encounter. Enemies come in different sizes, bigger enemies will hurt you more. If you kill one, there is a chance it will drop a power-up for you.


The ship movement is controlled with the WSAD keys. Shift enables turbo. If your browser supports the so called pointer lock feature (which allows one to move the mouse indefinitely within an element on the page), simply click on the game window and accept the application's request to capture the mouse pointer. When you do so, you can rotate the ship by moving the mouse along the X axis. You can also shoot using the left mouse button. Mouse wheel changes weapons. Use the right mouse button to change sensitivity. Hit Esc at any time to get your cursor back.
If your browser doesn't support the feature or for whatever reason you don't want to use it, that's fine. You can do all the above from your keyboard. Spacebar shoots bullets, Left/Right keys rotate the ship. Use the Up/Down (or 1 through 4) keys to change weapons.
Hit P to (un)pause the game or Enter to restart it. ` opens/closes the console.


If something is not an enemy, it is a power-up! Go and grab it! There are five types of power-ups: health kits, turbo, missiles, mines and blasts.

Good luck and have fun!

Available commands: echo, gamespeed, enemyspeed, x, y, angle, energy, turbo, missiles, mines, blasts, sens
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